Why does the total distance between user statistics in the app differ from the total distance on the bike?

The statistics in the Stromer OMNI app provide a quick overview of your Stromer usage. It is divided into Bike Statistics and User Statistics.


Bike Statistics shows the trip and total distance of your Stromer and corresponds to the display on the bike.

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User Statistics

User statistics shows the history of your personal Stromer usage and includes all Stromer trips you have made as a registered user. So, all your trips are added up, regardless of which of your Stromer bikes you have made them on. Rides that were made on your Stromer before you were registered as an owner on the vehicle are not taken into account. Therefore, the total distance of the Bike Statistics may differ from the total distance of the User Statistics.

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User statistics is automatically created from the status messages sent by the bike on a regular basis. If the bike has no mobile reception for a longer period of time, although it is being ridden, there may be deviations in the distances actually covered and the distances shown per day.