Company bike leasing: Shape your route.

Commuting with a fast e-bike is worth it: You are fast and flexible, staying healthy and helping the environment, can easily leave the commuter traffic behind with up to 45 km/h, immediately find a parking spot and still manage to arrive rested and relaxed. The commute becomes quality time.

As an employee you actually have even more benefits – with the company bike leasing offers you can save up to 40 % of costs for your dream model compared to a private purchase, can use your bike for work and in your private life and with many leasing partners comprehensive insurance is also included.

Three steps to your leased company bike.

Man on leased Stromer ST2 business bike.

1. Talk to your employer.

Discuss with your HR department whether you company offers company bike leasing and in what scope.

2. Select your dream model.

Find the perfect Stromer model for you and your commute, configure it to meet your needs and select a Stromer dealer near you. Your employer passes on your configuration to the company bike leasing partner.

Stromer company bike leasing: Model selection.
Stromer company bike leasing: Woman on Stromer ST3 S-Pedelec.

3. Conquer your route.

Pick up your Stromer Speed Pedelec from the dealer of your choice and start riding!

Stromer company bike leasing in three countries.

Stromer company bike leasing partners in Germany.

Deutsche Dienstrad
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Stromer company bike leasing partners in Belgium.    

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KBC Autolease
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Team Cyclis
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Stromer company bike leasing partners in the Netherlands.

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Alphabet Lease
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Lease a Bike
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Friesland lease
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Van Leer Mobility
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Woman and man with coffee next to their leased Stromer Speed Pedelecs.


You are self-employed, wish to lease a Stromer e-bike exclusively for private use or are looking for a financing offer? Ask your Stromer dealer for an individual offer.

Find your perfect Stromer.

The right Speed Pedelec is only four steps away.