Drive the difference.

We believe that your commute can be quality time. Our Speed Pedelecs resulted from this conviction: Models with differing characteristics but with a common goal – making the difference ridable. Find your favorite.

Stromer Special Editions.

ST3 anniversary edition – 10 years Stromer.

The limited edition for the ten-year anniversary adds to the classic ST3 highlights with refined details and maximum range.

St3 AE

ST1 Launch Edition – back to future.

The legend reloaded: With a striking design and technical updates, the ST1 Launch Edition represents the next era of riding joy.

Man on ST5

Which Stromer is the right fit for you?

Strong personalities must complement each other. Find the perfect Stromer for you in just three steps.

Bike comparison.

An overview of all speed pedelecs can be found in the Stromer product matrix.

Stromer Mood.