Drive the difference.

We believe that your commute can be quality time. Our Speed Pedelecs resulted from this conviction: Models with differing characteristics but with a common goal – making the difference ridable. Find your favorite.

Stromer Special Editions.

ST5 Limited Edition – driven by perfection.

The executive model in a limited run: In exclusive Stealth Green and fully equipped, the Stromer ST5 LTD combines maximum dynamics with high tech.

ST2 Launch Edition

ST2 Launch Edition – dedicated to drive.

The efficient all-rounder with belt drive: The Stromer ST2 Launch Edition in Royal Blue with the most powerful battery and Stromer Amsterdam carrier bag.

Man on ST5

Which Stromer is the right fit for you?

Strong personalities must complement each other. Find the perfect Stromer for you in just three steps.

Bike comparison.

An overview of all speed pedelecs can be found in the Stromer product matrix.

Stromer Mood.