Available from June 2021!

The Stromer ST5 – now with ABS. The first Speed Pedelec with fully integrated anti-locking braking system.

Maximum power, range and road skills – the Stromer ST5 with ABS combines the superlatives of the existing model with even greater safety.

Available from June 2021 from your Stromer dealer. You don’t want to wait so long? Then maybe the award-winning ST5 is the bike for you!

Das vollintegrierte Antiblockiersystem des Stromer ST5 ABS.
Safety for your destination.

Controlled braking on slippery surfaces and protection against rolling over if you slam on the brakes.

As the first Speed Pedelec with a fully integrated anti-lock braking system from Blubrake, the new ST5 regulates the power of the front brake and provides additional safety under challenging road and traffic conditions.

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