Stromer add-ons: Shape your route.

Every Stromer is delivered with the selected battery, handlebar and stem as well as pedals, side mirrors and charger. Supplement your equipment as needed with additional add-ons, for example with a second battery or charger for work.

Stromer batteries.

Each of the powerful Stromer batteries is compatible with every bike. The exact ranges depend on various factors, including the selected assistance level, wind or inclines.

Stromer chargers.

The Stromer chargers can charge the battery directly in the bike or outside the e-bikes. The charging time varies depending on the battery and charger.

Stromer tires.

The smooth-running Stromer Speed-Pedelec tires were developed together with renowned manufacturers such as Pirelli specifically for Stromer and are optimized for daily commuting in urban traffic with perfect wet grip and puncture protection.

Stromer carrier bags.

The new Stromer bags range is specifically oriented toward daily commuting. All bags can be quickly and easily attached to all Stromer models with carriers via Racktime fastening.


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