Stromer e-bike mobility insurance for Switzerland and the Benelux countries

Starting in October 2020, the purchase price of every Stromer S-Pedelec in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg includes mobility insurance. Together with Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) in Switzerland and VAB Assistance for Benelux, a year-long membership to one of these two insurance packages is included.

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Switzerland: TCS – Touring Club Schweiz

In Switzerland, starting in October 2020 the purchase price of all Stromer models includes a one-year TCS membership, which incorporates mobility insurance and additional theft coverage (up to CHF 5,000).

The membership can be easily activated by the buyer after purchasing the Stromer e-bike: The buyer can start the insurance period using the TCS activation flyer that is included in the accessories box for each bike beginning on October 1, 2020. Membership is valid from the day after activation.

Depending on the model, the theft coverage can be increased for an additional fee. It is also possible to extend the insurance coverage beyond a year: Two months before the first membership year expires, TCS will directly contact the customer with an offer for continuing coverage.

Detailed information about the insurance package for Swiss customers can be found here:

Belgium | Netherlands | Luxembourg: VAB Assistance

For all Stromer models in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, beginning in October 2020 the purchase price includes mobility insurance from VAB. The VAB Bike Assistance offers 24-hour breakdown service as well as additional services for all aspects of the e-bike.

The one-year insurance period begins automatically with the purchase date of the Stromer bike. The mobility insurance is activated by the Stromer dealer when the bike is delivered, and the insurance card is handed over directly to the customer. Towards the end of the Road Assistance term, myStromer will inform the customers that the policy is set to expire soon. They can activate an extension of the Breakdown Assistance via an external link from VAB.

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