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The most important stages in Stromer’s history.

We implement an idea if we believe in it, always with the clear goal: building Speed Pedelecs that further urban mobility. As a young company, we can look back at an eventful past – and are looking forward to an exciting future.


Stromer building up digital expertise

Stromer is expanding in the area of connectivity and digital experience with the opening of a new digital unit in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).  

The new Stromer team in Cluj brings cutting-edge expertise and experience from the high-end automotive sector in the digital services area, to complement the development team at Stromer’s head office in Oberwangen.  

With this investment, Stromer is building up its digital expertise with the aim of offering a digital experience on a par with the automotive sector in the near future, while at the same time enhancing performance and quality, and last but not least extending its position as innovation leader.  

desikino bike

Stromer wins Red Dot Award

Best of the Best 2023 for outstanding design quality

Stromer has received the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2023 in the category of Product Design for the design quality of the Stromer flagship ST7. Red Dot: Best of the Best is the top competitive award that is handed out for groundbreaking designs. The design quality award confirms Stromer’s competence in design-oriented product development. The Swiss manufacturer of fast e-bikes is honored to be included among the winners of the most prestigious global design competition.


Stromer ST7 — The world’s first e-bike with Pinion Smart.Shift

The ST7 is the new mobility solution for long-distance commuters: it combines cutting-edge technology and high-end components to create a premium quality Speed Pedelec that ensures an incomparable riding experience, range and safety while commuting.

With the 1,440 Wh battery, a range of up to 260 km (160 miles) and the electronic Pinion Smart.Shift system, Stromer’s latest flagship is setting new standards in the Speed Pedelec market.

desikino bike

Stromer and Desiknio enter strategic alliance

Stromer and Desiknio are characterized by a high level of innovation, fully integrated design, leading technology as well as premium quality. Both e-bike manufacturers share the goal of shaping the future of mobility through sheer driving pleasure, efficiency and quality of life. Desiknio is well suited to expand the Stromer product portfolio: The Swiss-assembled Stromer Speed Pedelecs with electric assistance up to 45 km/h are an efficient means of transport, especially for commuter routes of 15 km and more. Desiknio's premium e-bikes, which are designed in Spain and handmade in Europe, are perfectly suited for inner-city traffic and shorter distances with electric assistance up to 25 km/h.


iF Design Award and Automotive Brand Contest

We are once again setting benchmarks in technology and design with the Stromer ST5 ABS: The top model directly brought home not one, but two prestigious awards. As the world’s first Speed Pedelec with fully integrated anti-lock braking system, the ST5 ABS impressed the international jury of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the “Sports, Outdoor, Bicycles” category. And the same happened with the jury for the Automotive Brand Contest: In the “Transportation” category, the ST5 ABS took top honors – as “Best of Best ’21”.

Award-winning innovative strength: Stromer ST5 ABS on a dark background – with the iF DESIGN Award and Automotive Brand Contest logo.
Stromer Campus in Oberwangen: Stromer is continuing to develop its potential with its new partner Naxicap.

Strong in the future – with a new partner.

Naxicap Partners, a leading European private equity firm, is taking over Stromer. The headquarters and assembly plant in Switzerland will remain. The focus of the partnership will lie on the expansion into new markets, the scaling of the business model and the development of new, innovative products. Join us on this new stage of our journey! 


Two awards for the Stromer brand!

With the reorganization of the company in 2019, we also took the opportunity to hone our entire profile – by updating our mission and vision as well as our branding. We have shifted our focus even more intensely on our bikes while at the same time optimizing the user friendliness of our website. A step that was immediately acknowledged with two internationally renowned awards: We received the Red Dot Award 2020 in the category Brands & Communication Design for our design quality and integrated brand management as well as the German Brand Award as Excellent Brand in the category of Transport and Mobility.
Zwei Awards für die Marke Stromer!
10 years Stromer

Ten years of riding fun.

We have now become established at three locations: With our headquarters in Oberwangen near Bern in Switzerland, with an assembly plant for the European market in Riedstadt, Germany, and with a subsidiary in Vista, USA. Our focus has clearly been placed on Speed Pedelecs from the starting line. And we were confident enough to take an unconventional approach – to make the difference ridable. With success: over 70,000 Stromer riders have currently placed their trust in us. We are the market leaders in over eight countries. And we already have our eyes on the next goals. Join us as we ride off to meet them.


The ST5: the first S-Pedelec with fully integrated design.

The ST5 combines the Stromer skills in the superlative and presents itself virtually completely cable-free and with consistently integrated elements. As the only Stromer model with sports mode, the ST5 once again distinguishes itself on a separate level from the standard. With the launch of the ST5, the assembly of all models was also moved to Switzerland and the competence at the Stromer Campus was again expanded.

Stromer ST5

Stromer becomes independent again.

Stromer parts from the parent company BMC Switzerland and concentrates independently on the development of Speed Pedelecs with its new group of investors. The newfound independence is also a renewed commitment to the market niche – and to the claim of offering the best Speed Pedelecs. The new Administrative Board now consists of Stephan Müller, Thomas Binggeli, Ruedi Noser and Stefan Schwab.


The ST2 – the first digitally networked S-Pedelec.

The ST2 sets new standards as the first fully networked Speed Pedelec in the world: The specially developed OMNI connect cloud-based platform allows the bike to connect to the smartphone via an app. The combination of connectivity, performance, range and design leads to the ST2 winning several international awards – including the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award.

Stromer ST2
two kids and bikes

New headquarters: opening of the Stromer Campus near Bern.

The new Stromer headquarters in Oberwangen near Bern in Switzerland combines all production areas under one roof – from research and development, design, customer service and management to the Stromer flagship store. More than just a spatial consolidation: The Campus is over 47,000 sq ft and enables the rapid exchange of ideas among all divisions. It is thus the center for in-house technology and a catalyst for innovation. 


Partnership with BMC Switzerland.

That same year, the Swiss premium bike brand BMC Switzerland AG takes over the ambitious company – an additional boost for the international prominence of Stromer Speed Pedelecs. As a result of this cooperation, the ST1 wins over both roads and hearts not only in Switzerland, but in all of Europe and the USA.

image with columns
woman next to a bike

The next Stromer generation: the first ST1.

With a speed of up to 45 km/h (28 mph), the ST1 is the first Speed Pedelec in the world with a battery integrated into the downtube. And it doesn’t only make an impression with its outstanding performance for the time, but also with its characteristic Stromer design and its extraordinarily high range.


Founding of myStromer AG and the brand Stromer.

A brand arises from the idea of fast and efficient e-bikes – the basis on which the new Speed Pedelecs are to be established on the Swiss market.

people in a meeting table
st3 stromer bike

The birth of the first Stromer.

Inspired by new technologies, Stromer founder Thomas “Thömu” Binggeli has the idea to develop a fast e-bike that clearly differs from the previous e-bikes and their image. The result is the Stromer V1 – an e-bike that shakes up the industry: with rear-wheel drive, exceptionally high power, a sporty design and an integrated battery, the V1 passes the other Pedelecs right off the bat – and takes the first steps toward modern e-bike mobility.