How do I proceed to use Smartlock-Ride (ehem. Seamless-Ride)?

Seamless Ride locks and unlocks your Stromer for you. As soon as you approach your Stromer with your smartphone, the Stromer is unlocked automatically and you can ride off without having to enter a PIN.

As soon as you park your Stromer and move away again with your smartphone, the Stromer is locked automatically.

You can activate Seamless Ride as follows:

  1. In the MENU, press BLUETOOTH.
  2. Before you can make changes to the Bluetooth settings, you are first prompted to enter your PIN.
  3. Press CONNECT. Make sure that the smartphone that you want to connect is close by and is visible for new Bluetooth connections.
  4. Visible devices are displayed on the Stromer OMNI Interface C. Select the smartphone to be connected.
  5. Check your smartphone and confirm any Bluetooth queries that appear.
  6. As soon as the smartphone has been successfully connected, you can activate Seamless Ride for this device. To do this, select SEAML. RIDE in the BLUETOOTH menu and turn the function ON.


  • Only one device can be connected to the Stromer and used for Seamless Ride at any one time.
  • For Seamless Ride to function, Bluetooth must be switched on on your smartphone.
  • The distance at which your Stromer is locked and unlocked by the Seamless Ride function can vary. It depends on the environment and the Bluetooth signal strength of your smartphone.

Briefly check the Bluetooth icon on the OMNI Interface C before you move away from your Stromer. A Bluetooth connection to your smartphone must exist for the bike to be locked when you move away.

If you don’t happen to have your smartphone with you, you can unlock your Stromer simply using your PIN.

Activate the Autolock function using the Stromer OMNI app so that your Stromer locks automatically even if you don’t have your smartphone with you.