Where is the battery state of charge shown?

In the ride screen, you have the option of tracking the battery state of charge for your ST1 X. The battery state of charge is shown in the form of a bar and in percent. If the battery is empty, your ST1 X automatically switches off the motor and changes to the no-assistance mode.

The bar above the battery state of charge shows the current energy flow. The screen helps you to ride an extended range in an energy-efficient manner. The longer the bar, the greater the energy flow.

  • As soon as you are assisted by the motor, the bar is shown from the right to the left.
  • In breaking mode, the battery is charged and the dark bar is shown from the left to the right.

For your safety, a small portion of the battery energy is saved so that the basic functions of your ST1 X can be maintained. Light and the screen remain operational for about an hour if the battery is empty and the motor assistance is interrupted.