How does a removal of the wheelset work in case of a puncture?

In the event of a puncture, the tire change is similar to that for a normal bike. If you are not sure how to change a tire, please contact a Stromer specialist retailer.

Before any maintenance work, please remove the battery from the battery box. Never disconnect or connect a plug while the battery is in the battery box. You thereby avoid the risk of an electric shock and of injury.

Front Wheel

To remove the front wheel, loosen the thru axle with a 6-mm hexagonal wrench and pull out the thru axle.

Rear Wheel

  • To remove the rear wheel, first shift to the smallest sprocket (high gear).
  • Loosen the thru axle with a 5-mm hexagonal wrench and pull out the thru axle.
  • Pull the gears back slightly.
  • Lift the ST1 X/ ST2/ ST2 S. With a light knock on the wheel with your palm from above, it should detach from the frame.
  • Pull on the small silver tab to disconnect the plug to the motor.

You can now remove the wheel from the fork or chain-stay and rectify the tire damage.

In order to install the wheel again, proceed in the reverse order of the removal. The torque of the thru axles is 20 Nm.