Can I attach a child seat to my Stromer?

Before fitting a child seat, bear in mind that children are protected better in a trailer than in a child seat on the luggage rack. Please remember that a child seat affects the road behavior of the Stromer. Ride with caution and adjust your speed and riding style to the conditions. The high center of gravity in particular makes parking the Stromer on the side stand more difficult. The Stromer could tip over with the child still in the seat.

When mounting child seats, please note that the Stromer luggage rack has only been tested for a maximum of 17 kg payload; please therefore use only child seats that can be mounted directly on the seat tube (ST1 dia. = 38 mm). Especially in the case of ladies’ frames with a low step-over height, there is not always sufficient space for the bracket. We therefore recommend checking whether it can be fitted before you buy.

Legal position in Switzerland

  • Child seat: permissible on an officially approved child seat (RTR Art. 63 Para. 1)
  • Wearing of a helmet: In Switzerland there is no obligation for children being carried on child seats or in child trailers to wear a helmet. However we recommend that children, too, should always wear a helmet.

Legal position in Germany

  • Children up to the age of seven may be carried in a suitable child seat on all e-bikes.
  • In Germany there is no obligation for carried children to wear a helmet. However we recommend that children should always wear a helmet.