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After gaining his banking qualifications, Jakob Luksch studied business administration and engineering and spent over 15 years working as a manager in the automotive industry, where he had an insight into the rapid growth of new technologies and the mobility models of the future and was also able to play an active part in shaping them. For him, a particularly exciting aspect of the job had been to see how visions were turned into reality and eventually found their way into everyday life in a commercially viable form.

A conversation with Jakob Luksch, CEO of myStromer AG since January 2018

“Stromer wants to offer its customers the best commuter e-bike on the market.”

Urban mobility has to adapt to the increasingly rapid growth of large conurbations, according to Jakob Luksch. It has to be intelligently networked and clearly structured. Conventional private transport is undergoing the most radical changes and restrictions, whilst public transport infrastructure has been upgraded by means of intelligent traffic routing systems and more attractive products and services. Private transport is taking on far greater significance in this process of development and an attractive layout of streets and roads is just one aspect of it. The e-bike has enormous market potential here and will become an integral part of the whole system in urban areas.

We put a few questions to experts from the TCS and bfu on the subject of safety in road traffic and driver behavior on wet surfaces

S-Pedelec: Making sure the fastest way from A to B is safe in urban areas too...

Anyone who travels around on an S-Pedelec knows that it moves fast, and sometimes very fast indeed. It's actually faster in urban areas than any other means of transport. It goes without saying, though, that you would prefer a stress-free journey before arriving safely at your destination. We wanted experts from the bfu and TCS to tell us what it's important to keep in mind and to respect.
Assembly in Oberwangen, Switzerland: The high-end ST5 model is built on the Stromer campus.

A look at Stromer's e-bike assembly line in Switzerland

From the first design draft to rollout:
The premium ST5 model is assembled in Oberwangen from start to finish

The conditions couldn’t be more perfect: the R&D department and the assembly line are under one roof. This allows extremely short communication channels and direct dialogs. The result is a top-class product of premium quality.
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