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Seamless Ride locks and unlocks your Stromer for you. As soon as you approach your Stromer with your smartphone, the Stromer is unlocked automatically and you can ride off without having to enter a PIN.

As soon as you park your Stromer and move away again with your smartphone, the Stromer is locked automatically.

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138|159|189|190| OMNI & OMNI CSeamlessOmniCOmni-App

You can activate Seamless Ride as follows:

  1. In the MENU, press BLUETOOTH.
  2. Before you can make changes to the Bluetooth settings, you are first prompted to enter your PIN.
  3. Press CONNECT.Make sure that the smartphone that you want to connect is close by and is visible for new Bluetooth connections.
  4. Visible devices are displayed on the Stromer OMNI Interface C. Select the smartphone to be connected.
  5. Check your smartphone and confirm any Bluetooth queries that appear.
  6. As soon as the smartphone has been successfully connected, you can activate Seamless Ride for this device. To do so, select SEAML. RIDE in the BLUETOOTH menu and switch on the function (ON).
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189|190|159| OmniCOmni-AppSeamless

With your smartphone, the motor of the Stromer bike can easily be set to several modes via OMNI app

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190|162|75|163|164|165|166|167|168| Omni-AppTuningMotorSnowCityTourStandardCustomMode

The following information is shown in the status bar at the top edge of the display:

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160|189|71| Status BarOmniCOMNI

The power button is located on the bottom of the head tube below the touchscreen.

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191|45|49| Your StromerPowerReset

If the Stromer no longer reacts to entries made via the power button or touchscreen, you can force
a restart. Press and hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds. The Stromer is switched off and can then be switched on again in the usual way.

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191|49|45| Your StromerResetPower

The Stromer’s clock is set automatically. 

You can individually set the display format:

  • In the MENU, press SETTINGS
  • Under CLOCK FORMAT you can select the desired display format 


  • A connection to the mobile network is required for automatic time setting. Make sure that your Stromer is switched on and is receiving a signal.
  • Setting of the time zone as well as changeover between summer and winter time are performed automatically.
171|172|189| ClockClock formatOmniC

The Stromer is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen. By lightly touching the touchscreen,
you navigate and scroll through the various menus and can change the ride screen.

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189|173|71| OmniCTouchscreenOMNI

Yes, you can adapt the brightness of your Stromer’s touchscreen to your requirements.

  1. In the MENU, press SETTINGS.
  2. Under BRIGHTNESS you can set the brightness of the touchscreen. 

The integrated brightness sensor automatically adjusts the background color of your touchscreen to the ambient light. The background is bright during the day and dark at night. You can adjust the background of your Stromer’s touchscreen as follows:

  1. In the MENU, press SETTINGS
  2. Under BACKGROUND you can select whether the background color is to change automatically or whether it is to be always bright or always dark.
177|175|189|174|176| BrightnessBackgroundOmniCDisplayDay/Night mode

If you have forgotten your password, simply enter the email address associated with your OMNI account here. We will then send you an email from which you can choose a new password for your account.

If you have forgotten your user ID or no longer know which email address you supplied to the dealer at the time of purchase, you can enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) here and we will send you a message to the email address we have on file for you. You will find the VIN beneath the right-hand chain stay.

180|179|181|178|71| UsernamePasswordAppLoginOMNI

Use your smartphone to download the myStromer App from the Google Plays Store or Apple App Store.

The app guides you step by step through the registration process, whether you already have an account or not. If you do not yet have a password, via the app you can request an email allowing you to reset your password.

It is only possible to set up a connection with your bike if your dealer has registered the bike to you under your email address, and activated it. It is essential that you use the same e-mail address as the one you gave the dealer when making your purchase.

180|179|181|178|71| UsernamePasswordAppLoginOMNI

The first PIN to lock and unlock the bike is randomly generated and sent to you by text message to the registered cell phone number and by e-mail to the registered e-mail address upon activation of your bike.

Activation takes place when your Stromer dealer dispatches the bike.

The dealer links your bike with your e-mail address at the same time, thus registering you as the owner.

As soon as the dealer has initiated activation, you will receive a link by e-mail; please follow this link to complete the activation.

71|182| OMNIPin

Your first lock code is generated randomly and sent to you by text message to the cell phone number and by e-mail address you provided to activate your bike.

The dealer can reset your PIN if you forget it. Please note that this requires an bike with activated OMNI and good cell network reception. Once your PIN has been reset, you will receive an e-mail and text message with your new PIN.

To change the PIN, in the shortcut screen press BLOCK until you are asked to enter your current PIN. You can then set a new PIN.

You will find the same setting in the menu:

  1. Press the power button to access the shortcut screen.
  2. In the shortcut screen, select MENU and then SETTINGS.
  3. In the PIN rubric you can set a new PIN. 
71|182| OMNIPin

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request a new PIN in the myStromer app, under Settings. We will then send you a new PIN by text message to the registered telephone number. Please note that the PIN can only be generated if your bike is switched on and has good cell network reception.

182|71| PinOMNI

Settings for the display format of the myStromer app cannot be made in the app. The app is displayed according to the system settings of the mobile device and your ST2.

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190|77| Omni-AppCountry Settings

The Shimano XTR Di2 is the first electronic mountain bike circuit. In place of a mechanical connection between the shifter and rear derailleur, the switching pulses are transmitted electrically. This provides Shimano a precise 100% control. Because there are fewer mechanical parts, there is lower maintenance and improved gear changing.

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186|185|62|184| ChargingElectronic ShiftingComponentsDi2

The statistics in the Stromer OMNI app provide a quick overview of your Stromer usage. It is divided into Bike Statistics and User Statistics.

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190| Omni-App

In order to use the Stromer OMNI app, an authorized Stromer dealer must register you as a user on the purchased vehicle. It is best to instruct the seller (former owner) to commission his trusted dealer to transfer the Stromer bike so that it is clear that he has actually sold the vehicle or wants to sell it.

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190| Omni-App

Seamless Ride locks and unlocks your Stromer for you. As soon as you approach your Stromer with your smartphone, the Stromer is unlocked automatically and you can ride off without having to enter a PIN.

As soon as you park your Stromer and move away again with your smartphone, the Stromer is locked automatically.

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71|159| OMNISeamless

Get the most out of your Stromer. Install the Stromer OMNI app on your smartphone and discover the entire world of Stromer.

The Stromer OMNI app always shows you in black and white when you rode how fast with your Stromer. Extensive statistics show when you rode your Stromer, and what amount. You can also adapt your e-bike’s behavior to your needs, create personal tuning of the assistance and monitor service entries. And thanks to the clever integrated anti-theft protection, your travels remain carefree. You are always informed of the location and status of your Stromer.


The basic functions of the Stromer can also be used without a smartphone.

You do not always need to have your smartphone with you to use the Stromer.

The Stromer OMNI app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

OMNI app functions are only available if the Stromer is switched on, locked or in sleep mode. If the Stromer is switched off, no live information can be called up and no commands can be sent to the Stromer.


Apple: AppStore

Android GooglePlay Store

190| Omni-App

How should one store the battery if one does not want to use the Stromer over the winter? We have developed a case that fits all Stromer batteries. The special, fireproof fabric combination offers safe protection during transport and storage as well as additional safety during loading. Available from your dealer.

  • Further important information for long-term storage:
  • store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (10 – 25 °C). The permissible storage temperature range of -20 – 60 °C must not be exceeded
  • Charge condition for long-term storage should be at least 40% – this should be checked regularly (every 4 – 8 weeks) to prevent deep discharge.
  • Do not store together with metal objects
  • Protect the battery from direct sunlight, water and other liquids
  • Never store several batteries stacked or next to each other.
66|57| Care and TransportBattery

The factory warranty applies to all Stromer specialist dealers.

191| Your Stromer

Please contact your nearest Stromer dealer. To apply for new COC-papers (EEC – Certificate of Conformity), he needs the vehicle ID number (VIN), which can be found on the inside of the battery compartment.

187|191|188| Vehicle PapersYour StromerCOC

Instead of a mechanical connection between shift lever and rear derailleur, the ST5 transmits the shifting commands electrically. Shimano thus allows a 100% precise control. The saved mechanical components allow less maintenance as well as a better shifting quality.

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184|185|152| Di2Electronic ShiftingST5