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A Stromer is more than just a personal means of getting from A to B: a Stromer signifies a lifestyle and a new kind of unlimited freedom of movement. In our blog we bring the latest news on current and future development, the spirit of Stromer and insider stories. Enjoy the read ...




A conversation with Thomas Binggeli, the inventor of the Stromer e-bike

Getting from A to B is now fun or how innovations change the world

The roads were gridlocked, the junctions were blocked everywhere, the car parks were all full, and just as I was thinking he would miss the appointment, there he was in front of me, a big smile on his face: the chairman of the board of directors actually rode his e-bike to Zurich and he was on time. He parked his Stromer directly at the entrance to the imposing Schweizerhof, saying that he never gets stressed, getting from A to B on time is simply a matter of organization and, with a positive attitude, is even fun. This is Thomas Binggeli, the father of the Stromer, the man who has changed urban mobility and given it a new future.

In conversation, Thomas Binggeli tells of how man has been able to find his own way amidst the uniformity of urban mobility and what the world will look like with Stromer in the near future.
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