Design icon: subtle distinction.

The Stromer ST1: the opening category among top e-bikes. It’s your choice for good design, right across the board. Never before had so much thought been put into an e-bike, creating such a unique icon.
The result: a product where consistent design meets tried-and-tested technology, Stromer-style.

The ingenious technology of the ST1 in detail:

  • Its lithium-ion battery is housed directly in the frame, and can be effortlessly recharged directly in the e-bike, or away from it with a charger at any conventional power socket.
  • All the cables are installed along the frame.
  • The form and function of saddle, fenders and carrier all match the design of the ST1.
  • Choose from a number of assistance levels directly at the handlebar, so that you can always decide for yourself exactly how much pedaling work you want to do.
  • Efficient, silent motor accelerates with a vigorous torque.
  • The color of this classic bike is predetermined: the ST1 always comes in black.
  • The ST1 is the perfect concept for short and medium distances.
  • Using the intelligent principle of recuperation, the ST1 recovers energy under regenerative braking and automatically feeds it back into the battery.

As an e-bike that has been comprehensively designed from start to finish, try out the ST1 and move ahead as soon as the lights turn green.

Test drive

For technology aficionados.

You can compare the data for the ST1 models directly here and choose between different configurations.

Availability Europe, US Europe US
Motor P48* M25* M33*
Supported speed up to 45 km/h (28 mph) up to 25 km/h 20 mph
Output 500 W 250 W 500 W
Torque 30 Nm 30 Nm 40 Nm
Frame color Black Black Black
Frame size Sport 17", 20" Sport 17", 20" Sport 17", 20"
Comfort 17" Comfort 17" Comfort 17"
Fork Stromer ST1 carbon fork Stromer ST1 carbon fork Stromer ST1 carbon fork
Brakes Tektro Dorado Tektro Dorado Tektro Dorado
Drivetrain Shimano, 27-speed Shimano, 9-speed Shimano, 9-speed
Crank 50x39x30T 42T 42T
Rear cogs 11–32T, 9-Speed 11–32T, 9-Speed 11–32T, 9-Speed
Headlight Busch+Müller Lumotec IQ Fly Busch+Müller Lumotec IQ Fly Busch+Müller Lumotec IQ Fly
Rear light Busch+Müller Toplight Mini Busch+Müller Toplight Mini Busch+Müller Toplight Mini
Daytime running light - - -
Fenders Stromer custom aluminium Stromer custom aluminium Stromer custom aluminium
Carriers Stromer custom Racktime Stromer custom Racktime Stromer custom Racktime
Tires Schwalbe BigBen Puncture Guard 26x2.15 Schwalbe BigBen Puncture Guard 26x2.15 Schwalbe BigBen Puncture Guard 26x2.15
Saddle Stromer custom Comfort Stromer custom Comfort Stromer custom Comfort
Connectivity - - -

*may require insurance and a license plate, depending on country

The power is in your hands.

The lithium-ion battery can be swapped over in an instant for ease of recharging. The BO630 battery has 630 watt hours. The Pedelec (US: class 1) is fitted with the BO522 (Stromer CH/EU: sold out) battery as standard, and has enough power to take you up to 100 km (50 miles). The more powerful 630 battery will bring you up to 20 km (15 miles) further.

Stromer CH/EU: sold out
Range 40-100 km (20-50 mi) 40-120 km (25-65 mi)
Energy 522 Wh 630 Wh
Voltage 36 V 36 V
Weight 3,2 kg (6,6 lbs) 3,1 kg (7 lbs)
BO522 (Stromer CH/EU: sold out)
BO522 (Stromer CH/EU: sold out)

Choose a frame to match and ride off into the future in timeless style.

Test drive

The versions of black.

S-Pedelec and Pedelec

(US: class 3 and class 1)

ST1 Black Sport
ST1 Black Sport
ST1 Black Comfort
ST1 Black Comfort

Prefer color and digital connectivity to whisk you past standing traffic?

To the ST1 X

Convenient mounting and personal incentive inclusive.

The ST1 is available in a Comfort version with low 17-inch top tube. The Sport version can be adapted to riders of various builds and is therefore available with a 20-inch or 17-inch frame. 

You have a choice of two motors for the ST1. With the S-Pedelec (US: class 3), a 500-watt drive accelerates you swiftly from 0 to 45 km/h (28 mph). And the Pedelec (US: class 1) makes sure you always reach your destination relaxed, at speeds of up to 25 km/h (20 mph).

The user-friendly Stromer display is mounted on the handlebar. Read important information whenever you want: for instance, the current battery charge or the distance covered. Adjust the ride characteristics at the press of a button to bring the support mode in line with the road conditions in an instant.


Become a designer.


The more elegant way to commute, with superior performance.

To the ST2

The most direct route to your ST1.