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A fact check for those who are really interested

Rear-wheel motor: a clever solution – not a philosophical standpoint!

Every technology has its adherents. Mountain bikers who ride uphill and have to avoid obstacles in their path while off-roading, they swear by the mid-mounted motor – and this may be the right choice for them, the responsiveness and torque may be more beneficial to them in precisely this situation.

But the Stromer with its rear-wheel motor is a sporty racer and at the same time a comfortable touring bike. A real cruiser. The Stromer is the (S)-Pedelec for every day, for everywhere, with which traveling an additional X miles is possible safely, reliably, and more efficiently in every regard.

A taste of the future...

A behind-the-scenes look shows the new ST5

It is the pinnacle of the S-Pedelecs: The new ST5, which will be available in the showroom next summer, ready for a test ride. There is a continuation here of the Stromer design, which has already received numerous awards around the world, while all the details are refined and optimized further. A true highlight here is the handlebar, for example, which is totally clean and practically free of cables.




Yes, two-wheelers now run better on winter tires!

Safely & sensibly through the winter with the Stromer

For those who travel on four wheels, it’s the most normal thing in the world. The need to fit winter tires as the year draws to a close. With snowy winters having become a rarer occurrence in many regions and the arrival of cold snaps less predictable, many people wait until the last moment... because warm weather calls for a harder rubber formulation, whereas softer, more flexible rubber works better in cold weather. Tires for two-wheelers are no exception.

The rubber formulation of a winter tire is designed to stay sufficiently flexible to achieve optimum adhesion to cold surfaces and provide better grip and skid resistance even at wintry temperatures below 5°C. Ever since winters in lower-lying urban areas got shorter, many riders carry on using their two-wheelers almost throughout the entire cold season, apart from a few days or weeks. Especially commuters who travel by bicycle or Pedelec.


environmentally friendly & sustainable:

Stromer recharges with solar energy from its power plant

Since 2009, companies in Switzerland who consume more than 100,000 kWh of power have had the option of personally optimizing their power procurement on the free market... or, depending on the surroundings and infrastructure, of producing clean energy themselves. myStromer AG has been taking advantage of this at their campus from the very beginning with solar energy - environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Stromer campus has 1’243 solar panels on its flat roof. These provide over 320,000 kWh of power annually – which would be enough to ride around the world 760 times with an ST2! So of course, we use the solar power to charge the battery of every Stromer from headquarters. And even more: It is a point of honor that the engineers, developers, designers, technicians and everyone else at the campus in Oberwangen, Switzerland work with clean energy.

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