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Assembly in Oberwangen, Switzerland: The high-end ST5 model is built on the Stromer campus.

A look at Stromer's e-bike assembly line in Switzerland

From the first design draft to rollout:
The premium ST5 model is assembled in Oberwangen from start to finish

The conditions couldn’t be more perfect: the R&D department and the assembly line are under one roof. This allows extremely short communication channels and direct dialogs. The result is a top-class product of premium quality.
Guillaume Hoarau came into the world March 5, 1984 in Saint-Louise on La Réunion, an island and region of France in the Indian Ocean. His role models were Ronaldo and Zidane. He was scouted at JS Saint-Pierroise by clubs from France, went to Le Havre at 19 and eventually made it to Paris St-Germain (166 appearances, 56 goals). He signed for YB in 2014, and his contract runs until 2020. Guillaume was voted most popular player in the Swiss Super League in 2016.

Interview with Guillaume Hoarau, a striker for Young Boys in Bern, a musician & singer with his own band, the father of a 9-year-old son... and Stromer owner

Guillaume Hoarau: goals and music are his world – with rides on his Stromer in between

Guillaume Hoarau, you have been a keen soccer player ever since you were young, and you made it from your home on the French island of La Réunion, where you played for JS Saint-Pierroise, on to the international soccer scene. You are popular for scoring lots of goals and being a fair team player. But you are also a popular musician, guitarist and singer... and you really love your son and consider it important to be a good father... and, last of all, you also like to get around on an e-bike and have opted for a Stromer.

Stromer Limited Edition ST2

Currently the most beautiful e-bike in the world is now available as a limited special edition

Exactly 555 specimens were built for the whole world, with 202 for Switzerland alone, and each bike is individually numbered. The LTD ST2 is currently the most beautiful e-bike that you can have. The
frame is made of brushed aluminum and looks unbearably good, emphasizing the high level of high tech that the Stromer ST2 contains. The saddle and saddlebags were made by Brooks, both in the
highest quality leather and made by hand, and there is also a matching Sigg bottle.

Interview with Filippo Galli, engineer at Pirelli’s Research and Development department

Mr Galli, you are an engineer at the Pirelli Research and Development department. We know from the world of motor racing that the technology behind the various different rubber formulations and identifying a matching tread design is highly complex. But even the professional drivers and riders in Formula 1 and Moto-GP have to test every rubber grade if they are to appreciate its merits and work out how it needs to be handled. Now Pirelli has come up with special tires for e-bikes. Tell us how these exclusive tires will benefit us in everyday riding...
Many years of experience from motorsports were integrated into the development of the Cycl-e. This tire has the best possible grip and confident smoothness; it is just as fast as it is safe. Pirelli’s Cycl-e was developed exclusively for the new Stromer ST5.

Pirelli debut in the e-bike sector

High-tech Pirelli for the new ST5

The Italian tire manufacturer presented the new Pirelli Cycl-e at the Eurobike 2017 in Friedrichshafen: With the new high-tech tire that has been developed exclusively for the new ST5 model from Stromer, Pirelli is making its debut in the e-bike sector.



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