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Your first lock code is generated randomly and sent to you by text message to the cell phone number and by e-mail address you provided to activate your ST2.

The dealer can reset your PIN if you forget it. Please note that this requires an ST2 with activated OMNI and good cell network reception. Once your PIN has been reset, you will receive an e-mail and text message with your new PIN.

To change the PIN, in the shortcut screen press BLOCK until you are asked to enter your current PIN. You can then set a new PIN.

You will find the same setting in the menu:

  1. Press the power button to access the shortcut screen.
  2. In the shortcut screen, select MENU and then SETTINGS.
  3. In the PIN rubric you can set a new PIN. 

Forgotten PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request a new PIN in the myStromer app, under Settings. We will then send you a new PIN by text message to the registered telephone number. Please note that the PIN can only be generated if your ST2 is switched on and has good cell network reception.

Theft protection

Last update: 10.12.2015
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