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L1e e-bike

The ST2 offers motor assistance up to 45 km/h or 28 mph and a continuous rated power of 500 watts. The ST2 is thus legally a light motorcycle in class L1e with regard to Directive 2002/2004/EC. There is an obligation to register and insure vehicles of this category in most countries. Inform yourself of the related regulations to this class of vehicle in your country before riding for the first time.

The permissible gross vehicle weight of the ST2 is 140 kg. The gross vehicle weight is the sum of the vehicle weight (27 kg), the rider’s weight and luggage.

The Pedelec and S-Pedelec/E-Bikes chapter in the accompanying general BMC Operating manual provides you with additional notes on the use of and special regulations for e-bikes.

ST2 components

Last update: 11.03.2014
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