Support ST2

Switch on / off

Switch on

  • To switch on, press the power button. 
  • If your ST2 has been locked with a PIN, you must enter the Stromer PIN after switching on so that you can use it, see "Theft protection".

Switch off

  1. Press the power button to access the shortcut screen.
  2. In the shortcut screen, select OFF.

Sleep mode

If you do not switch off your ST2, it switches to sleep mode after a period of inactivity of 5 minutes. The sensor technology remains active in sleep mode. The system wakes up on its own as soon as you move your ST2.

Alternatively, you can wake up the ST2 using the power button.

Always switch the ST2 off using the touchscreen if you want to prevent it from switching itself on. 


Last update: 11.03.2014
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