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Battery charging

The ST2 battery may only be charged with the ST2 charger. The battery can be charged directly in the Stromer or separately. The charging process with the ST2 battery charger is described below.

Before the first charging process, be sure to read the notes on the battery charger.

  1. Connect the battery charger to the power network. The LED lights up red.
  2. Loosely hold the charging cable in your hands and slowly guide it near to the socket of the battery (A) or your ST2 (B). The plug is automatically correctly aligned by means of the integrated magnets. The magnets will help you align the connector correctly.

Never force the battery charging cable into the charging socket. Make sure that the magnets on the Energybus connector can align the charging cable correctly before you connect it to the charging socket. Incorrect alignment could damage the ST2’s electronics.

Externally: Connect the battery charger to the battery. The LED lights up orange. 

Internally: Connect the ST2 battery charger to the ST2. The LED lights up orange.

  • If the battery is completely charged, the LED lights up green. Disconnect the battery/ST2 from the ST2 battery charger.

Charging time

An empty ST2 battery has a battery state of charge of approx. 80 % and changes to voltage charging mode after a charging time of just under 4 hours. The battery is full in under 5 hours.

LED fault messages

  • LED on the ST2 battery charger does not light up: Check whether the ST2 battery charger is correctly connected to the power network.
  • LED lights up red with battery connected: The battery is not recognized by the ST2 battery charger. Check the connector between the ST2 battery charger and the battery.
  • LED flashes red: ERROR – over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, short-circuit or the battery is damaged.
  • Avoid charging processes in over 40 °C or in hermetically sealed rooms.
  • Avoid water, moisture, dust or the proximity of flammable materials.
  • Always place the battery charger on a secure and stable surface.
  • Do not charge the battery if the housing of the battery or battery charger displays any cracks or fractures.


Last update: 14.11.2014
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