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ST2 Battery

  • The ST2 is equipped with a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. It supplies the drive system and all other electronic components with power. 78 individual standard battery cells supply a total of 814 Wh.- The battery management system (BMS) developed by Stromer protects the battery against overvoltage and undervoltage and optimizes the service life of the lithium-ion battery.
  • You can also use your ST2 battery in another Stromer ST2 or use an additional battery for your ST2.
  • You can fully recharge the ST2 battery after every ride, which increases the service life of the battery and ensures that you are always ready for the next ride. There is thus no need to ride the battery until it is empty each time, as there is no memory effect. Perform as many partial charges as possible, do not ride the battery until it is completely empty and recharge it even after a short rides.
  • Do not dispose of your ST2 battery and the battery charger in domestic waste. In most countries, dealers are obliged to take back electrical appliances and batteries. 
  • Get to know the current national regulations for the disposal of old electronics and batteries. Bring used battery chargers and the battery back to your Stromer dealer.


Last update: 10.07.2014
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