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Other Problems

  1. Try to identify the problem using the troubleshooting guide below.
  2. If your problem is listed in the trouble-shooting guide, you can try to solve the problem utilizing the adjacent suggested solution. If this is not possible or if your problem is not listed, continue with step 3.
  3. Contact your local dealer for service.
Problem Solution
Motor assistance is irregular or non-functioning.

Switch off the control unit. Make sure that the pedals are completely free of load. Switch your control unit back on and retry.

The brake sensor on the right brake lever may be misaligned. The sensor thereby sends a constant switch-off signal to the motor. Disconnect the connector of the brake sensor to the control unit and retry. If this addresses the problem, the sensor can be reset during your next service appointment.

After switching on, four zeros (0000) appear on the display and the first digit flashes. The system lock was activated when switching off. To deactivate the system lock, see "System lock / unlock".
The control unit cannot be switched on. Replace the control unit’s battery.  To replace, remove the unit from the handlebar.  This requires a Phillips head screwdriver and a button battery (CR2032). The battery can also be replaced at your local dealer.
the control unit switches on, but the battery pilot light flashes even if thE BATTERY is full. Check connections. If the problem persists, contact your local dealer for service.


Last update: 08.03.2014
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