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S-pedelecs are means of transport designed to be ridden by one person. It is not permitted to transport children in trailers of S-pedelecs within the scope of validity of EU law! Transporting an additional person by using an S-pedelec, e.g. in a child trailer, can only be per-mitted within the framework of the respective, national law. We urgently advise against trans-porting additional persons, even in specific cases where this might be permitted. If you would like to transport luggage, this re-quires that your S-pedelec is fitted with suitable equipment. Children may not be transported by S-pedelecs within the scope of EU law and they may only be transported in trailers dedicated for this purpose in Switzerland. We recommend not taking any chances when it comes to quality in this area! Please take note of the permitted total weight and the stipulated maximum speed for the trailer.

Some trailers are only approved by their manufacturers for use with bicycles or pedelecs (pedal assistance up to 25 km/h). Please always observe the advice of the trailer manufacturer.

Legal position in the EU

  • There is no option for trailers in the European vehicle type approval for Stromer with pedal assistance of more than 25 km/h. Attaching trailers to the ST1 is therefore not permissible.

Legal position in Switzerland

  • Riding with a single-axle trailer is permissible (Federal Road Traffic Regulations RTR Art. 69 Para. 1 and following removal of RTR Art. 63 Para. 5).
  • No more than two children may be carried in a trailer on protected seats (RTR Art. 63 Para. 3 d).
  • A child may be carried on an attachment running behind (pursuant to decree on technical requirements for road vehicles Art. 210 Para. 5) if he or she is able to operate the pedals when seated (RTR Art. 63 Para. 3 b).
  • In Switzerland there is no obligation for carried children to wear a helmet. However we recommend that children in a trailer should always wear a helmet and be secured using the trailer’s own belt system.


Attaching the following trailer systems is technically possible on the ST1:

  • Thule ezHitch, Webber-E and Burley couplings, for example, can be attached to the optional ST1 trailer plate (Art. 213521). Please check other coupling systems before buying.
  • A special ST1 solid-axle coupling is required for BOB trailers (Art. 213522).
  • A special ST1 solid-axle coupling is required for FollowMe tandem couplings (Art. 213523).
  • IMPORTANT: Neither trailer plates nor solid-axle couplings are approved in the EU on vehicles with more than 25 km/h pedal assistance. Please familiarize yourself with the national regulations before attaching anything.


Last update: 27.12.2016
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