Rechargeable battery – important notes

In order to increase the service life of your Stromer battery, please observe the following:

  • Before riding for the first time or after a longer period of disuse, the battery should be fully charged.
  • The first three times you charges your battery make sure it is completely empty. However there after avoid letting the battery go flat.
  • In continuous use, you can completely recharge the battery after every ride. This increases the service life of the battery and ensures that you are always ready for the next ride. There is thus no need to ride the battery to empty each time as there will be no memory effect. 
  • Perform as many partial charges as possible, do not ride the battery until it is completely empty and recharge it even after a short period of operation.
  • If the battery is ridden completely empty, you must charge this directly after riding as otherwise the battery life will be compromised.
  • If the Stromer battery is not used for an extended period, store it at room temperature and recharge every 2 months.
  • If the battery is not charged for an extended period, a deep discharge may occur. The warranty is thus invalid.
  • Charge your battery at room temperature.
  • In the event of a malfunction or if the battery is in a deep sleep, connect the battery to the battery charger for at least one minute. The battery management then automatically checks the battery and can rectify faults. If this is not productive, contact your Stromer dealer.
  • Avoid touching the contacts on the bottom of the battery. This could lead to the battery switching off.

Under no circumstances must you perform the following with your battery:

  • Short it
  • Place it in water or clean it with water
  • Open or tamper with it
  • Charge it with a different battery charger
  • Expose it to a source of heat or flame


Last update: 12.03.2014
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