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Stromer Riders: Thomas saves 620 Euros per month by driving a Stromer instead of a car.

Mann mit Stromer

July 19th, 2022

Thomas was looking for an alternative to a car, and discovered speed pedelecs. After some research he found a bike with ultimate power, to cover the daily nearly 80 kms he commutes. And even if his initial reason to find an alternative to the car was to save costs on gasoline, he also got a much more pleasant way to get to and from work, giving him a fantastic feeling, reducing his stress level and adding to his health.

Return on investment ThomasThomas: “The main reason I wanted an alternative for the car, were the high fuel prices. I ride nearly 80 km every day and in the end the costs run up, especially with the prices nowadays. I did some research, because on a route of nearly 40 km one way, you want something with more power.“


I got hooked on the feeling

"A Speed Pedelec is what I decided on and I soon discovered that Stromer is the only one who really gets to the 45 km/h. After doing a test ride I was immediately sold. I didn't even test any other S-pedelec anymore.

And it got even better, I soon got so hooked on riding my Stromer, that ever since I try to use it as much as I can. Not just for work, but also on other trips, like visiting family and friends.”


Feeling more relaxed when I come home

“I work at Liefmans Brewery in Belgium. The days are busy and when I commuted by car, it would add annoying traffic jams to my day, making me feel more stressed. Now, by bike, I get home from work more relaxed and I get to enjoy nature and the weather more.

Moreover, it is also exercise, which is often underestimated. You need to put your strength into it and then the bike helps you to accelerate to reach 45 km/h. You can imagine the difference when you get to your destination, after getting a good workout, in the fresh air, feeling energized and relaxed.”

This is a great alternative to the car

“I can recommend this mode of transportation to anyone. For me it is the perfect alternative to the car. I save a lot on fuel costs. By car I would drive 50 minutes to work, with the Stromer it is now 60 minutes. I will gladly take those 10 minutes extra (especially when I see that the cars are in a traffic jam anyway). On top of that, it makes you feel fantastic.”

“I have now ordered the ST3 Pinion: it`s like an ST1 on steroids!

We however also hold on to the ST1 as well, my girlfriend is going to use it for her commutes.”

Financial benefits

Thomas receives a bicycle allowance of 0.24 Euro/km, which amounts to 320 Euro/month. Besides that he saves about 300 Euro on gasoline per month, driving 80 km per day/400 km per week.

Thomas on a Stromer
Name: Thomas
Country: Belgium
Uses Stromer: as a car replacement
Main Reason: Save fuel costs
Daily distance: 80 km (2 x 40 km)

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