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Stromer Riders: Carlos saves 370 Euros per month by driving a Stromer instead of a car

Carlos Stromer Rider
July 1st, 2022

When Carlos found out his dream car was out of the leasing budget offered, he started looking for alternatives. What he found was a great designed power bike, allowing him to work on his health, reduce stress and save money along the way.


Return on investment ST5Carlos: “I´ll be honest, when we got acquainted with the leasing concept back a few years ago, I wanted a car, a Volvo V60 Break, which turned out to be out of budget. So I started looking for alternatives and went to the bike dealer for a Giant, but there I saw a row of Stromers lined up.

The technology, the design... I instantly fell for the bike. It is nicely finished, with everything integrated in the frame. Other models are a lot bulkier and not as elegant. That certainly also did win me over.”


Finally being able to get daily exercise in

Of course, this was also a great opportunity to combine the pleasant with the not so pleasant: where as you normally would try to get sports in before or after work, I can now do exercise while going to and from work. I feel so much better mentally, by cycling to work now. After a busy day at work I really look forward to cycling off the stress. It also saves me a lot of annoyment in car traffic, I don’t even enjoy to drive by car anymore.


Pure joy

“I commute 25 km to work one way, which is 35 minutes by bike. It is just 10 minutes faster by car. But in return I see the most beautiful views and animals in the early mornings. I really enjoy the quality of my bike: the power, the gearing, the acceleration, it feels amazing. I also have a saddle spring now (which I did not have to my previous ST2) and I really feel the difference. It is much more ergonomic and pleasurable to ride this way and it provides less shock to the back. It just adds to the joy I experience when riding.

Also, when I see a traffic jam, I sometimes laugh inside, because I can nicely drive between or past them, knowing how much annoyance and stress I am saving myself by not by not having to stand in that traffic jam. It has changed my live in many ways. I really have that Stromer Smile on my face.,” Carlos says with a grin.”

Easier parking

I use my Stromer for basically anything: to quickly go to the bakery, to the post office... I no longer have any stress to find parking. I just park in front of the door everywhere. I still have my car, but I rarely drive it anymore.

I definitely recommend other people to get a Stromer. I've also seen it evolve a lot, at my work in 2018 I was the only one who had one. And now at my work the bike space is often full. At my recommendation, about 10 colleagues have now also secured a lease bike.


Financial benefits

Carlos receives a bicycle allowance of 250 Euro/month. He pays 160 Euro per month lease for his Stromer, compared to 300 Euro he would have paid for a lease car. Besides that, he saves about 140 Euro on gasoline per month. Altogether, that means Carlos saves 370 Euro per month, riding a Stromer compared to driving a car.

"But I don't even think about the financial benefits," says Carlos. "I would still get one, because of the tremendous physical and mental benefits it gives me."

Name: Carlos
Country: Belgium
Uses Stromer: as a car alternative
Main Reason: Save fuel costs
Daily Distance: 50 km (2 x 25km)

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