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Stromer Riders: Carl rides his Stromer for practically free.

Carl auf Stromerbike mit Helm

August 1st, 2022

Carl was offered a lease bike through his employer, making his Stromer is almost self-financing. He rides 40 km a day, to and from work. For him, it is not only a great opportunity to combine the pleasure of riding with physical activity during his commute to work, but also to maneuver comfortably and quickly through his home environment.

Customer Financing Carl ENGCarl: "When our employer offered us the option of a lease bike, I immediately went for a Stromer. My brother already had a Stromer and I got to test it out. I also tested many other brands, but Stromer remains the best. I got myself a ST2 with gate belt in the vibrant royal blue color. To me, this is pure joy!"

Nothing beats the feeling of riding a Stromer

“I have a 20 km commute, so I ride a total of 40 km a day. I really enjoy the way the bike holds up on the road and the speed you can ride it at. The bike is super robust, it doesn't vibrate even at the maximum supported speed of 45 km/h. For me nothing beats the feeling of riding a Stromer. Same goes for my wife. When I am not using the Stromer, she uses it to ride to her job at the hospital, e.g. for night shifts or if I have to use the car for some reason.”

Easier maneuvering and parking

“I actually do almost everything by bike now, even for small trips in the place where I live. Getting around in towns and villages is just so much easier with the Stromer than by car. You get from A to B faster and never have to search for a parking spot. It is simply a very pleasant way to get around and is resulting in both me and my wife using the car much less and taking the Stromer instead.”

It is a great alternative to the car

"I really recommend a Stromer to anyone looking for an alternative to the car. I always let people take a test ride if they ask for one. I grant it to everyone to experience that feeling of power, speed and ease of use.”

“And you get a lot of attention with this bike, especially in the color I have it in,”, says Carl with a laugh.

Also for biking holidays

We have recently been on a cycling vacation with the Stromer. I enjoyed the rides with my family, but also the longer ones I took by myself to see a bit more of the area, with distances of 60 to 70 km.

No longer bothered by traffic

During workdays, I really enjoy that I am no longer bothered by running into traffic at busy spots. Instead, I now drive along beautiful quiet canal roads with up to 45 km/h.

De-stress after work

I relish the opportunity to de-stress for half an hour after work. While riding my Stromer, I can enjoy the sun and nature, get a breath of fresh air and clear my head after a busy day.

Much fitter and easier to fit exercise into the day

I'm also much fitter, I get in exercise 5 days a week, 2 times a day now and it barely costs me extra time. Before, I only had time to exercise 2 to 3 times a week and I had to plan it after work. Now it's just during the ride to and from work.

Financial benefits

Carl saves about 110 Euro in gasoline per month, driving 40 km per day/200 km per week. He leases his ST2 for a period of 4 years, with a residual value of 16% that he can optionally buy off, at the rate of 65 Euro net per month, including all extra options on his bike, like the battery, spring saddle and bags. In his lease insurance, maintenance, assistance and a replacement bike are included.

Carl on a Stromer
Name: Carl
Country: Belgium
Uses Stromer: as an alternative to the car
Main Reason: Pure riding joy
Daily distance: 40 km (2 x 20 km)

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