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#beattrafficjams with Stromer and Tektro TRP

The hydraulic disk brakes that are installed on Stromer bikes come from our partner Tektro TRP. Every single brake fully undergoes a comprehensive quality test, meaning that Stromer riders simply have safer commutes. Learn more now!


The goal of Stromer is to develop the best Speed Pedelecs. Stromer therefore works with selected partners who deliver products that satisfy their high demands with regard to quality and safety and can also be seamlessly integrated into the clean design concept. And that is where the brake specialist Tektro TRP comes in.

Tektro is a family company based in Taiwan that can look back at more than 30 years of quality expertise in the production of brakes. The company values are critical for success: work reliably, design creatively, manage efficiently and produce consistently with the highest quality.

In 1999 Tektro introduced its first hydraulic disk brake onto the market and it remains the company’s most successful and most important product to this day. Since 2006 TRP, Tektro’s high-end brand, has stood for the highest level of automation and quality assurance.

A team of 28 employees guarantees the product quality by performing mechanical tests on every individual brake before it leaves the factory. Each brake is required to undergo two separate test runs within 48 hours. A key part of the test process: The oil pressure of each brake is tested for 8 minutes and 45 seconds. During this time, the brake lever is operated 250 times with a certain load.

Together with Stromer, TRP developed special solutions to implement the modern clean cockpit design. The brake systems were designed in line with the demands of the fast e-bikes and adapted to the design concept, as is apparent on the Stromer ST5.

Stromer uses the 4-piston brake from TRP on the front of the ST5 and ST3. The 2-piston TRP brake is also installed on the ST3 at the rear and Tektro brakes are used on other Stromer S-Pedelecs. A brake disk with a diameter of 203 millimeters is installed on all Stromer models – for a consistently high braking performance.

Further information on e-bike specific brake solutions: /


Stromer designs the future of mobility in growing cities. For flexible, networked and efficient travel. With Speed Pedelecs that are ahead of their time by a wheel length. Dirk Belling from Tektro Europa shares this vision and has started a social media challenge with #beattrafficjams:

“Average speed of 37.5 kilometers per hour in a month,” is how his neighbor responds when he asks how the new company car is running. This neighbor works for a Bavarian car manufacturer, directly in the main office, and drives to work from the suburbs of Munich every day – two trips of 30 kilometers, five days a week.

Dirk asks himself what is truly possible with an S-Pedelec that can drive up to 45 kilometers per hour. So, he accepts the challenge and leaves his car at home once or twice a week when traveling into the city. With the car he needs between 40 and 90 minutes one way, including looking for a parking space.

Dirk’s experiences after one month and six trips to the city:

  • I am constantly discovering new roads and corners of Munich.
  • Best average: 33.8 km/h, 86.3 km in 2:33 h
  • On my third attempt I managed the trip in the same time it takes with the car (42 min).
  • There is no direct bike path into the city.
  • E-bikes have been accepted in traffic, with Speed Pedelecs there is still work to be done.
  • Sweat-free riding is possible, but not at 40 km/h.
  • 80 kilometers add up quickly in a day.
  • The bike is an eye-catcher.
  • I am capable of thinking much more flexibly.
  • Ideal fitness tool and perfect pulse rates
  • You can swim along in city traffic but it is stressful.
  • Scooter drivers are extremely irritated.
  • You have prime parking wherever you go.
  • Important with an S-Pedelec: thinking of others, awareness and caution
  • Every ride is a little adventure.
  • My neighbor has a Porsche GT3 RS and is jealous of my S-Pedelec.

This challenge is not an attack on driving cars – rather it is an attempt to sensibly reduce traffic while gaining valuable time. Valuable time on the road and in your head. Do something good for yourself and for the environment. For this reason, trade in the stressful time you spend in traffic and looking for a parking space for quality time on your bike. There aren’t any highways for bikes yet, but a lot of excellent secret paths. Explorers aren’t interested in taking the direct route anyway.