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Safety first place

Fully integrated ABS and networking of helmet and bike: the sophisticated Stromer safety concept



November 3rd, 2022


The most important aspect of a bike in the Speed Pedelec class is that you can trust it in any situation.

To ensure that you always arrive relaxed and feel safe, your Stromer has several coordinated components and features that reliably support you on your ride.

Commute safely with your Stromer bike

This begins already with a balanced weight distribution between the battery integrated in the frame and the rear-wheel motor. It ensures a sense of safety when riding as well as optimal grip on the road.

A powerful, responsive brake system with 2 or 4-piston brakes, a 203 mm brake disk and large-volume tires with a rubber compound that was developed especially for Stromer keep your bike safely on track.

For even more control over your bike, several Stromer models also have fully integrated ABS. Its effectiveness was confirmed, quite impressively, in 2021 by the BFU (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention) in a comparative test.

See and be seen

A critical factor for your safety is that you ensure optimum vision and visibility. For this reason, your Stromer bike is equipped with a powerful light system comprising the unmistakable Stromer Daylight in the head tube as well as the light system with high and low beam and rear/brake light. (ST1 only low beam/brake light)

You can also take your own measures to increase your visibility: for example with signal colors or reflectors on your clothing, straps or shoe covers and naturally with the right helmet – your indispensable safety accessory.

To ensure that it can also reliably protect you, your helmet should fit snugly and not wobble. Align it horizontally to the ground, centered on your head and about two finger widths above the root of your nose. You should also replace it after 4 or 5 years since the helmet material ages due to UV rays and weather effects. It must be replaced immediately following a crash.

The Stromer Smart Helmet: passive and active protection

Because a good helmet is essential for the safety of our community, we have joined forces with Unit1 to develop the intelligent Stromer Smart Helmet with a light system comprising a front and rear light that can be connected to your Stromer bike. When braking, a signal is sent to the helmet that amplifies the lighting effect to act as a brake light so that you will not be overlooked, even from a distance.

Using the Stromer OMNI app, you can also trigger additional RGB LEDs.

The Stromer Smart Helmet additionally has an integrated Mips system that reduces the effects of rotational energy on the head in the event of an impact. And its clever ventilation enables optimal air circulation, even on hot days, for comfortable wearing.

Available from your dealer from November. CHF 299 | EUR 279

And if that still hasn’t proved sufficient to prevent a fall?

Stromer still has you covered. Though we hope this will never be the case, should you find yourself in this situation we have expanded the OMNI app in Europe, initially, to include the Crash Alert – our crash detection system with alarm function. A sensor in the bike detects when it finds itself in an uncharacteristic position while you’re riding. You then have 60 seconds in which to cancel the notification. After this, a message is sent to the emergency contact that you have stored and this contact is asked to get in touch with you via cellular network (text message) to make sure that everything is alright.

Your maintenance alarm clock: the OMNI app

We also recommend a regular check of the tire pressure, the tire tread and the brake pads. And good winter tires (Pirelli WT Angel Urban) for the best possible grip in the cold months.

It’s best to perform this as part of the regular maintenance. The practical service reminder in the OMNI app is a helpful tool for getting this done.