Stromer and the Band-Genossenschaft cooperative: A win/win collaboration.

Strong team: Stromer and the Band-Genossenschaft Bern.
May 27, 2020

Stromer likes to take on a pioneer role. We even avoid the beaten path in the manufacture of our bikes.

With three assembly lines on the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen and the in-house Development department, we are able to quickly react to developments in the market. We also are responsible for our own processes and quality management. Subprocesses are only outsourced if doing so can achieve general improvement in the production sequence. As a medium-sized company with an international focus, we are dependent on reliable partners and our smooth collaboration with them.

One of our regional partners is the “Band-Genossenschaft” cooperative from Bern, which supports people with performance restrictions in profitably employing their strengths on the job market. Since 2019 the employees from Band-Genossenschaft have supported us in the module pre-assembly of handlebars, battery elements and battery boxes for our Speed Pedelecs. For this purpose, Band internally developed and built 16 transport racks as well as special assembly devices to enable quick and efficient assembly. Thanks to the collaboration with Band, we have been able to increase the daily output of fully assembled, ready-to-ride bikes by up to 30 %. We are thus ideally positioned to satisfy the rising demands – in 2019 we sold over 12,000 bikes around the world – and to increase the efficiency of our assembly lines while maintaining our quality standards.

Stromer and the Band-Genossenschaft: handlebar mounting

Strong team: Stromer and the Band-Genossenschaft Bern.

Stromer CEO Jakob Luksch: “Due to the limited space at the Oberwangen manufacturing location, we have decided to outsource the pre-assembly scopes within the region. With Band, we have found a partner that from the very beginning was excellent at responding to our needs, was quick to implement our specifications and independently developed a delivery concept and special transport racks. Since the first day of our collaboration, Band has delivered top quality on schedule! We can only recommend a collaboration with Band!”

Daniel Zurkinden, Production Sales Manager at Band: “Both parties considered our goal of completely setting up the module pre-assembly in just 5 weeks to be a very robust challenge. Thanks to an outstanding device construction for the assembly as well as lean management and the vast amounts of industrial experience at Band-Genossenschaft, we achieved the virtually impossible. Also, the outstanding teamwork between myStromer AG and Band-Genossenschaft was pivotal in terms of being able to deliver the required number of modules to Oberwangen on schedule from the very start.”