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The new Stromer OMNI app: On the road with more functions!

Stromer OMNI app update with new features: App screens against dark background

The updated Stromer OMNI app offers you new features in the latest free version from mid May 2021.

With the free Stromer OMNI app on your smartphone, you are always connected to your bike via cellular network. With the integrated GPS function, you always know the current position of your Stromer and the nearest dealer in your vicinity is displayed on the map. Thanks to the integrated anti-theft protection, such as Smartlock and Autolock, your travels are also carefree. If someone still manages to steal your Stromer, you can report it as stolen by activating the anti-theft function while at the same time the Stromer is locked and can no longer be ridden, to list the most important functions. 

Around mid of May 2021, Stromer will be launching a new version of the OMNI app. With the update (version 3.0.0), you will benefit from a major new feature: adding or removing a Stromer.  

Stromer OMNI App Update: Stromer OMNI Interface mit QR-Code.

New in the Stromer OMNI app: Add a bike quickly and easily by scanning a QR code.

Starting now, you can easily add or remove a bike yourself in the app. Adding a bike simply requires you to scan the QR code on the bike’s OMNI Interface (required software version SUI FW You will find the instructions for adding a bike and an overview of the general features in the new How-to videos or in the FAQ.

With the update you can also manage and change your personal data such as address, e-mail and more in your profile without the aid of an official dealer. So, you always know which data is stored. These two new features also make it much easier to pass on a bike should you sell your Stromer.

The riding statistics also contain new features: Stromer riders can now compare their total riding data averages with the rest of the Stromer community. To make sure you get all the news, you can now also sign up for the end customer newsletter in your profile or unsubscribe from it with just one click. And the main overview not only shows your current battery charge level, it also shows the temperature of the battery and the motor.


Stromer OMNI App Update: Frau von hinten mit Smartphone in der Hand und Stromer Bike

The Stromer OMNI app with new features: Available now in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Previous functions such as locking and unlocking, the tuning configuration and the riding data can still be found in the app, though in some cases they have been redesigned.

The update (Version 3.0.0) is now available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. When you download the app update, you will need to sign in again. The previous app version (2.4.11 (2088)) can still be used with the familiar features but there will be no further development of this version.

The OMNI BT app is still offered for the model ST1 with OMNI B.