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A look at Stromer's e-bike plant in Switzerland.

Swiss assembling
May 17, 2018


Design, software, hardware: everything is done in Oberwangen. Assembly operations under one roof allow all work processes to be optimized.


From the first design draft to rollout:
The premium ST5 model is assembled in Oberwangen from start to finish.

The conditions couldn’t be more perfect: the R&D department and the assembly line are under one roof. This makes for extremely short communication channels and direct dialog, which in turn facilitate the fast, continuous transfer of know-how so that even the smallest production details can be optimized. The result is a top-class product of premium quality., what was it like previously when high-tech bikes had so many cables? They are practically non-existent on the ST5, the high-end S-Pedelec. OMNI interface, keyless and seamless features and complex wiring systems are concealed inside the stylish frame and help the exclusive Stromer design to achieve a flawless finish with virtually no cables in sight.

Fully focused during the day with headphones on, riding home on the test bike in the evening, heart pumping.

The newly developed Omni Interface C platform is comparable to an industrial computer – and it can be said with pride at this point: that the hardware and software come from Switzerland. The switch to the Linux operating system has allowed the software department to turn its full attention to programming new features.

By the way, the fact that people wear headphones during the day doesn't mean that they are listening to music; programming requires their full concentration. After all, the outcome of a day's work is monitored on a test bike in the evening... pumping heart included!

The question was always whether the new feature functioned properly. Whether it would get you up the hill... or leave you standing on the very first ascent. If it worked you had a beer to celebrate in the evening. If not, the e-bike had to be pushed up the hill, followed by a sleepless night and back to the drawing board the following day.

The result – a high-tech product of premium quality, built for the tough demands of everyday life.

The many features of an ST5 cannot even be seen as they are built into the frame, which keeps them protected at the same time. The wiring harness is one such example. It keeps all the cables tidied away in a compact space. And there's something else to keep mechanics happy as it makes maintenance so easy: The circuit board in the stem means that components can easily be replaced without having to take the e-bike apart.

The same is also true for all the other technical components, including the dropout with integrated Hirth coupling, which was specially developed for the ST5. It is self-centering and is extremely easy to install in the rear wheel.

The high-performance Cycl-e tires were developed exclusively with Pirelli for the ST5. The focus here is on maintaining the usual agility while further optimizing the riding performance: even more comfort and control.
Truly Swiss, in other words: solid, good and beautiful!