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From an idea to the global brand – we are celebrating 10 years of Stromer.

10 years of Stromer
August 19, 2019


Ten years ago, we developed a unique and innovative S-Pedelec named Stromer. What started off small at the family farming business of the forefather and inventor Thomas (Thömu) Binggeli has since developed into a global brand. Enough of a reason to celebrate our 10th birthday with you, the Stromer community. Let's write history together.


Vision becomes reality.

In 2009, the visionary and entrepreneur Thomas “Thömu” Binggeli launched the Stromer V1, a fast e-bike with a new design and a battery integrated into the downtube. The starting pistol was fired for an unparalleled success story. “I have always been fascinated by new technologies. I found the inspiration for my actions in global brands like TESLA, Google and Apple. My vision: developing an e-bike that combines aesthetics and an abundance of power,” explains Binggeli, founder and member of the Administrative Board of Stromer who founded myStromer AG in 2010.

Two years later, Stromer already launched a second e-bike model. The ST1 became a bestseller in Switzerland and opened the doors to the European and American market. Stromer revolutionized the act of commuting and experienced constant growth, resulting in the development of a new headquarters in 2013, the Stromer Campus. The campus at the gates of Bern is the heart of Stromer, where research and development, production and management are combined – Swiss quality and technology under one roof. “It is unbelievable when I see where Stromer is positioned today. Even though our story is still relatively young, we can already look back at an eventful past. I wish to express my thanks to all of the dealers and end customers who have always believed in us. Special thanks go out to our dedicated and always motivated employees. Without them, we would not be here celebrating the ten year anniversary,” states Jakob Luksch, CEO of Stromer.

In the meantime, more than 70,000 people use a Stromer. The bikes connected with OMNI alone have already traveled over 100 million kilometers (62 million miles). In this way, Stromer is also helping to save the environment.

Let’s celebrate and write history together.

We want to celebrate in a manner befitting this unbelievable success story together with the entire Stromer community. We want to celebrate Stromer’s 10th birthday on October 10, 2019, and invite all Stromer owners to climb into their saddles to help us set a Stromer record. Let’s celebrate together on October 10, 2019, and ride around the world 10 times within 24 hours. What exactly does that mean? The earth has a circumference of 40,075 kilometers (24,901 miles). The goal is therefore to ride 249,010 miles within 24 hours. “Stromer and visions have always gone hand in hand. Our vision for Stromer’s 10th birthday is to achieve something that is only possible with a dedicated community like Stromer’s. Something just as singular and unique as our Stromer Speed Pedelecs. Let us write Stromer history together,” says Jakob Luksch, CEO of Stromer.

Get ready and saddle your Stromer. “Our community is very loyal and very active. We produce high-quality Speed Pedelecs with high ranges. As a result, I am willing to wager that each user rides the greatest number of miles per day compared to other e-bikes that are available on the market. We want to use our community event to back this claim up with facts. The clear focus here, however, is on continuing to write Stromer history together,” claims Marco Schneider, Head of Marketing & Communications at Stromer.

Those end customers who ride a Stromer with OMNI connectivity will automatically take part in the community event. Riders whose Stromer ST1 does not have OMNI connectivity can manually enter their daily value on our website.

Stromer stands for a new era in urban mobility. With the latest technologies and Swiss engineering, we are responding to the challenges set out by urban traffic: powerful Speed Pedelecs with incomparable riding characteristics that turn every mile into an experience. Drive the difference!