Stromer Speed Pedelec insurance.

Brief overview of services.

  •     Stromer Assistance (breakdown assistance, transport costs, even abroad, and accommodation)
  •     Stromer hull insurance (repair costs, replacement parts, theft*)
  •     Legal expenses insurance
  •     Personal assistance



This option can only be selected at the time of the initial product release or when making a purchase. The insurance must be activated by your Stromer dealer.

  •     1-year assistance CHF 49
  •     2-year assistance CHF 99
  •     3-year assistance CHF 299 (incl. warranty extension by 1 year)
  •     3-year assistance PLUS CHF 399 (incl. warranty extension by 1 year and anti-theft protection insurance – see warranty provisions for detailed information)


Stromer insurance – the most important aspects at a glance.

This is an offer from the Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG.


Stromer Assistance.

Assistance after a breakdown, after an accident, in the event of theft* or damage.

  •     Breakdown assistance
  •     Transport costs to garage
  •     Additional costs for direct return journey up to CHF 1,000
  •     Additional costs for e-bike rental to continue the journey or to return home  
  •     Advancement of CHF 500 for repairs abroad
  •     Additional accommodation and subsistence costs up to CHF 1,000


Personal assistance.

If necessary, we will organize the transport to a hospital and cover the costs for this.

  •     Reimbursable advancement up to CHF 5,000 for medical treatment abroad
  •     Transport costs to a hospital up to CHF 20,000
  •   Costs for recovery and repatriation of a deceased person


Stromer hull insurance.

After an accident, a fall or in the event of theft*, we cover the damage – as with comprehensive car insurance. The theft insurance is a supplement to all other existing theft insurance.

  •     Repair costs up to a maximum of CHF 8,000.
  •     Repair and replacement costs for accessory parts up to CHF 300.
  •     Total loss due to damage or theft*

The services in the event of theft* are only made in addition to or as a supplement to any other existing theft insurance (contents insurance, insurance of valuables, etc.).


Legal expenses insurance.

An accident – whether you are at fault or not – can have repercussions that take their toll in terms of costs and nerves. We make sure that justice is done for our joint customer.

  •     Compensation cases up to a maximum of CHF 50,000
  •     Insurance cases up to a maximum of CHF 50,000
  •     Criminal cases up to a maximum of CHF 50,000


Additional service.

In the event of loss of your credit card or theft of your identification, we will help you procure a replacement.


Mobiliar general terms and conditions of insurance.


*Only with Stromer Assistance PLUS