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How riding an e-bike can enhance heart health

“Excessive sitting is deadlier than smoking”– this shocking phrase was coined by the French cardiologist and sports physician François Carré. The professor highlighted the perils of prolonged sitting, emphasizing its risks for a sedentary lifestyle in general and, specifically, its impact on heart health.

Whether the validity of the statement is subject to debate, there is a consensus that both habits have highly negative effects on health. So, if you believe it's time to take action for your heart and overall well-being, an e-bike could be your perfect companion. Here is an overview of how riding an e-bike can positively affect heart health.


The e-bike – a great tool for a healthy heart

The heart is without a doubt the most important organ in the human body. The e-bike can help you to take care of this crucial muscle. Riding an e-bike can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 50 %

But does riding an e-bike really count as exercise? The answer is yes! When comparing cyclists who rode bikes without electrical assistance to those who rode e-bikes, researchers found that the heart rate of the latter was only five beats per minute lower, which has no impact on the effectiveness of the physical activity. The muscles and the cardiovascular system are both stimulated to an equal degree, which has a positive effect on blood pressure and the state of the blood vessels.

And how often should you ride an e-bike to improve your heart health? Another study shows that riding just 30 kilometers per week on an e-bike is sufficient to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Using your e-bike for your commute to and from work thus allows you to effectively strengthen your heart without wasted time or making an excessive effort.

Reduce the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases with an e-bike

Cholesterol, excess weight, high blood pressure and even diabetes – riding an e-bike can help combat a number of risk factors that influence the onset of cardiovascular disease. And you do not have to ride hundreds of kilometers every week in order to enjoy the health benefits. As a matter of fact, according to a Danish study, 30 minutes on the e-bike every day can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 40 %.

All the experts are saying what we honestly already know: that we need to move more, particularly to combat obesity, which has serious consequences for our health and our hearts. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the key actors in the field of health promotion are concerned that the general public does not get nearly enough exercise, which is the leading cause of morbidity. In this context, a study from 2008 showed an interesting correlation between the obesity rate and the level of active mobility (walking or cycling as a means of transport) within a country. The results of this research show that the level of obesity is lower when more of the populace travels on foot or by bike. The Netherlands and Switzerland, for example, have a low incidence of obesity and a large portion of people who are physically active compared to the USA and Australia.

Riding an E-bike is a great tool to help improve the health of your heart, and it has a positive effect on respiratory performance. Your breathing improves, as does the oxygen uptake by your blood and the various organs.

The e-bike is suitable for nearly everyone

Thanks to the support it offers, the e-bike is suitable for almost everyone. No matter what your state of health or physical disposition - it allows you to be physically active, which is good for your heart. The ability to cover impressing distances without (excessive) fatigue is also an important motivating factor for many people to ride an e-bike.

The e-bike is suitable for all fitness levels

While the electrical assistance helps beginners to improve their endurance, it is also possible to use the various modes offered by the e-bike and thus adjust the exertion required. In this way, riding the e-bike can be transformed from a gentle physical activity to real sport where the heart and the entire cardiovascular system undergo intensive training. Whether for commuting or leisure, it can be adapted to your goals. It is also able to evolve along with you, depending on your progress and your motivation. It is also interesting that, during one of the studies performed on the effects of e-bikes on heart health, the researchers found that most participants selected a mode that required them to exert themselves.

Mann auf Stromer e bike  km h

Conclusion: The e-bike, a great ally when it comes to taking care of your heart and increasing your life expectancy.

By strengthening the cardiovascular system and protecting against a number of diseases, the e bike unquestionably has a positive influence on life expectancy. Studies from various universities show that regular physical activity can lower the risk of premature death. Contrary to popular belief, riding an e-bike can be considered a real physical activity and there is ample evidence of its benefits for health in general and the health of the heart in particular.

Just 30 kilometers a week is sufficient to significantly reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. So don’t wait any longer to saddle up! If you are interested in easily integrating cycling into your daily life, consider choosing an e bike with a speed up to 45 km/h / 28 mph for your daily commute. This type of transportation offers a speed comparable to that of a car, while offering numerous benefits for your cardiovascular health.

Would you like to try such a high-speed electric bike? Find a dealer near you and book a test ride.