How does the electronic shifting system (Di2) of the ST5 work and how can I charge it?

Instead of a mechanical connection between shift lever and rear derailleur, the ST5 transmits the shifting commands electrically. Shimano thus allows a 100% precise control. The saved mechanical components allow less maintenance as well as a better shifting quality.

Check charge level:

To check whether the battery of the shifting system still has enough capacity, press one of the buttons on the shift lever for a few seconds. If the lamp lights up green, the battery is still sufficiently charged. If not, you should charge the battery.

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Battery empty?

Is the battery of your Di2 shifting system empty? – No problem. The ST5 is equipped with a USB charging socket.

The following must be observed when charging the Di2 battery via your Stromer:

  • Connect ST5 charger to power supply
  • Connect Di2 charger to Stromer USB charging socket and connect to Di2 charging socket

Depending on the shifting behavior and temperature, one charging cycle can be sufficient for up to 2,500 km. A full charge takes about 90 min.