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Stromer and Gates drive the mobility solutions of the future.

Stromer x Gates: Erstes schnelles Stromer E-Bike mit Riemenantrieb


Stromer is known for its high design standards and innovative strength. Research and development are deeply rooted in the DNA of the market leader in the fast e-bike sector. Stromer’s Development department has been working on a belt drive solution for years that cleverly combines rear-wheel motor, hub gear and motor sensors, thereby meeting the highest demands for quality and design. In March 2019, Stromer brought the belt drive specialist Gates Carbon Drive on board as a competent partner to complete this project. In close cooperation with the engineers from Gates, hub manufacturer Sturmey Archer and Stromer’s motor manufacturer, a perfect interplay of all components was achieved for the development of the new Stromer ST2. The result: Stromer’s first Speed Pedelec with belt drive

The greatest difficulty lay in developing the belt drive so that it could be integrated into Stromer’s design language while at the same time interacting perfectly with the rear wheel hub motor and the hub gear. “One challenge was the integration of the components from Gates into our clean frame design while staying as close to the Stromer ST1 frame as possible,” explains Florian Marti, Development Project Manager at Stromer. “Another challenge,” according to Pascal Müller, Development Engineer at Stromer, “was reconciling the belt drive with the operating principle of the sensors.”

“Stromer and Gates share the same values and aim for the highest quality standards, which is an ideal foundation for a good partnership,” states Zach Krapfl, E-Mobility Market Development Manager at Gates Carbon Drive. And Florian Marti adds: “I am proud and honored to work together with experienced engineers on the level of Zach Krapfl of Gates. Just like Stromer, he promotes sustainable (passenger) transport solutions to which I can also contribute. Gates is the perfect partner: experienced, competent and always ready to help!” 

Clear design – outstanding function. The result of this cooperation is a drive solution that exceeds demands with regard to efficiency, durability, design and customer satisfaction. The new Stromer ST2 thus also offers the typical “Stromer riding experience” of accelerating dynamically and powerfully up to 45 km/h and smoothly cruising through your ride. Stromer developed the ST2 for people who are searching specifically for efficient and low-maintenance mobility solutions, who value high-quality design and modern technology and who want a durable, easy to maintain S-Pedelec for a daily commute of 10 to 20 kilometers on flat or slightly hilly terrain.

Development Team Gates: Zach Krapfl (E-Mobility Market-Development-Manager) und Frank Scrulock (Global Business-Development-Manager).
Team Gates Industrial Corporation
Stromer Development Team: Florian Marti (Development Project Manager) and Pascal Müller (Development Engineer).
Stromer Development Team: Florian Marti (Development Project Manager) and Pascal Müller (Development Engineer).

Advantages of the Gates belt drive.

The Gates Carbon Drive is a carbon-fiber-reinforced belt that does not rust or stretch and never has to be lubricated. It runs reliably, silently, easily and cleanly – for up to 10,000 km.   Thanks to the reduced maintenance effort, the ST2 is perfect for commuters who aren’t put off by bad weather and trust in a reliable means of transport. 

Reasons for the use of carbon for a belt drive instead of Kevlar, steel or other materials:

  • Fatigue resistance when bending
  • Dimensional stability
  • Ratio of robustness compared to weight
  • Resistance to environmental influences such as water and oil
  • High output density for a compact drive design
PU Verbindung, Carbonfaser Zugmembran, Verschleissschutzschicht aus Nylon, Bike-optimiertes gekrümmtes Zahnprofil

Did you know?

The first drive chain for bikes was developed as early as 1886 by Hans Renold from Switzerland and the first patented belt drive for bikes in 1890 by Charles D. Rice. In 1980 the first belts were produced of polyurethane and the first belts made of carbon in the early ‘80s.  

About Gates.

Gates Carbon Drive is a leading manufacturer of application-specific solutions for fluid technology and power transmission systems. Gates strives to push the boundaries of material science in order to develop products that continuously exceed expectations. Gates belts are powering a revolution in individual mobility and micromobility that is changing how the world gets from A to B. Whether a two or four-wheel drive, with combustion engine or electric, Gates provides belt drive solutions and technical support that quickly take projects from a concept into reality. You can find additional information here: